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2/6/07 8:09:35AM
Here are my PRIDE33 predictions.

First of all, those big belts that the Brazilian guy with the funny name and "The Fireball Kid" have are clearly fake. Probably bought them at a rummage sale somewhere. I've been watching the UFC for well over 2 years, and I have NEVER seen either of those guys. Therefore, they must be chumps (or "cans", which is the correct MMA terminology).

So, stick with the American guys for the first two fights. "Hollywood" Henderson has a cool name, and I've seen Nick Diaz lose some fantastic fights to some pretty good fellas, so he's clearly due for a win.

The Sergei Kharitonov//Gilbert "The Hurricane" Yvel

This one is a bit harder to choose. Big guy from Russia vs. big guy from Holland. They both have names that I can't pronounce, which makes it difficult to take them seriously. (C'mon, Yvel?) Anyway, go with Yvel, he's got cooler tats.

Kazuhiro Nakamura/Travis "Diesel" Wiuff.

This one is cake. Wiuff (pronounced View) will easily win this one. Why?
1. He's American.
b. He stole his nickname from Joe "Diesel" Riggs while Riggs was passed out after a 72 hour D&D marathon in Akron. I was there, I saw it happen. I laughed until I stopped.
3. He's got a name I shouldn't be able to pronounce, but I can anyway.

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai/Mac Danzig

Danzig used to be the lead signer for a punk band called The Misfits, and they kicked some serious ass. I mean seriously kicked ass. He then went on to a very successful solo career. Way ahead of his time if you ask me. I did not realize that he got into MMA, but it doesn't surprise me, he is a rather large fella. Sakurai is 5'7". Danzig is at least 6'8", and looks like he stole the 'mean' from a crazed gorilla. As you can see, there is no picture available, so here is a link to one:

Click here for pic of my man Danzig

is a link to a video of Danzig getting knocked out. Got sucker punched. Not his fault.

My prediction? Danzig with the KO at 0:01 of the 1st, guarantee.

Kazuo "Grabaka Hitman" Misaki/Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg

Frank Trigg is the toughest man alive. With an unfortunate nickname like Twinkle Toes, this man has to fight EVERY SINGLE DAY in real life. Yet, here he is fighting in PRIDE 33. Clearly the best fighter ever. He will win.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua/Alistair "Demolition Man" Overeem

Rua got his nickname from a well-known 1980 miniseries starring that guy from The Thorn Birds. He LOVED The Thorn Birds as a child, but that would make a pretty gay nickname, so he chose Shogun instead. The series Shogun was about the semi-illegal gun trading that went on during shady gun shows in feudal Japan, circa 1975. Because of this, Rua usually enters the arena with a loaded assault rifle in each hand, and a ripped Richard Chamberlain tee-shirt. Pretty tough to beat that.
On the other hand, Overeem got his nickname from a crappy Sylvester Stallone-Wesley Snipes movie. Sly plays a young punk named Otto who becomes a repo man after helping to steal a car, and Snipes plays his wise-cracking sidekick. Movie sucked, bad.

Overeem is with the "Golden Glory" association. The term Golden Glory reminds me of the week I spent in Tijuana drinking Uzo with a group of German runaways. I've said too much about that already. Moving on, based on his fight camp's name, Overeem in the 2nd by standing arm bar.

Hoped this advice helped. Good luck.

LOL..."golden glory"

2/7/07 7:15:06AM
Anyone wanna wager on the Sakurai/Danzig bout?
I'll take Danzig. Just 'cause he got floored by a sucker punch doesn't scare me.
The man is a brute.
2/7/07 9:39:37AM
evidently you guys are on crack because mac danzig and glenn danzig are two different people. lol please get a clue.

plus at 51 years old i doubt he would fair to well.

oh yeah, he is only 5'3". lol at the 6'8".
2/7/07 4:44:04PM
Really? I did some pretty intense research on all these fighters, so I'm pretty sure I'm right. I may have gotten a minor detail off here or there, but mostly, I'm spot on.

I sent you a water proposal for the Danzig/Sakurai bout. Apparantly, Glenn is a pretty heavy underdog, so I'm gonna need 4-1 on him.

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