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2/24/07 12:27:10PM
Did anyone notice any NSAC at the weigh-ins? It just seemed like fighters where just weighing in and it didn't matter if they made weight or not. Anyone got any insight on this?

Here's a link to a weighin video.
2/24/07 1:54:57PM
They had catch weights negotiated into a couple of contracts. I know in Lee's case it was probably because he was a last minute replacement. As for Sakarai , I don't know why he negotiated that weight. Everyone else get's to be 1 pound over for vegas in non-title fights by rule.
2/24/07 1:57:41PM
Trigg..... what a tough guy...
2/24/07 2:11:59PM
Hendo actually looks good at 200. When he used to fight at LHVY before I always thought he looked soft. He's no bodybuilder now, but you can see that he has put on some muscle at least.
2/24/07 2:47:46PM
photos at sherdog and mmaweekly
2/24/07 3:32:33PM
sakurai looked less than impressive at the weigh-ins, I'm almost having second thoughts.
2/24/07 6:39:53PM
2 hours away.....i dont know about you all,but Trigg got me PUMPED!!!!
2/24/07 6:41:07PM
Yeah. It looked like they were about to fight right there.
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