Why does the Pride website still exist?!

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9/12/08 5:52:58PM
And why do they waste their time updating it with UFC content?!
9/12/08 6:12:55PM
cause PrideFC and the UFC are 1
9/12/08 8:52:27PM
probably gets a shit load of hits still. good advertising.
9/12/08 11:09:34PM
Dana does it to rub it in that the UFC is still around......
9/14/08 5:49:45PM
It's about the only thing the UFC still has from the PRIDE purchase.
9/14/08 6:15:42PM
Probalby because the web space has been bought for a certain number of years. I would bet that when that (already) purcahsed time is up, it will be gone.
9/14/08 9:06:53PM
because pride merchandise is still being bought off store shelves and with all that merchandise is PRIDE FC Logos and displays pridefc.com so all the casual fans who have heard of pride will want to know what it is and the fighters involved and the best way to show that is on their website.
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