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2/23/07 10:18:31PM

Well the title says it all really, a UFC vs Pride tournament with the best against the best as proposed by Fishman.
2/23/07 11:00:57PM
Yeah, I posted about this in the Pride vs UFC forum and was glad no one started an argument about it on the front page. I hope Fishman buys pride and stops the bleeding. Losing Werdum hurts them , and I don't want to see MMa monopolized.
2/24/07 12:24:41AM
Why would the UFC take them up on this? They are making plenty of money under their current business model.

Dana does not want to copromote--he wants to OUTRIGHT BUY Pride.

Bottomline- I am confident this will not happen.
2/24/07 2:27:49AM
Here's my take on the eight fights I think would happen.

Fedor Vs. CroCop - Fedor by Split Decesion
Big Nog Vs. Tim Sylvia - Big Nog by Triangle Choke in the 1st
Chuck Vs. Wandy - Chuck by TKO in the 2nd
Rampage Vs. Shogun - Shogun by Unanimous Decesion
Anderson Silva Vs. Hendo - Silva by KO in the 2nd
Franklin Vs. Filho - Franklin by Unanimous Decesion
Gomi Vs. Penn - Penn by TKO in the 1st
Melendez Vs. Sherk - Sherk by TKO in the 3rd

I would have the UFC 5 to 3, but almost all the fights are toss-ups. I only feel 100% sure on the Big Nog Vs. Sylvia fight.
2/24/07 3:53:24PM
It would be a great idea, but why would the UFC take the challenge? There are two negatives for the UFC. 1: It would give Pride greater exposure, in the US, to the new MMA fans that Pride has been unable to attain themselves. 2: The UFC's greatest division is being left out, the 170lb. division.

To be fair, the tournament would have to be the best out of ten. I think the longer it takes for a tournament to happen, the less of a chance Pride has to win.
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