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2/20/07 7:03:44PM
If Pride had a type of "Ultimate Fighter Show" with heavy weights, how about having Barnett and Coleman be coaches. Would these be good coaches, and evenly matched? Discuss
2/20/07 7:11:00PM
I don't think pride has the publicity that the UFC does to copy their show and make it popular as well, and where will the fighters come from? Will up and coming fighters really want to make their living in an organization that was on the verge of sell-out twice already in 2007. I'm not trying to bash on Pride it's a fantastic organization with some of the world's best fighters Im just trying to put this in the perspective of a up and coming fighter competing in either of the two orgs.
2/20/07 7:25:37PM
This is going in the lounge, no offence to the thread content whatsoever.

It is a proven tested idea that if marketed right can be done ala UFC. This American guy will be on it and probably thinking when can he put it together as soon as possible if the pride shows continue to be a sucess.

A PUF, maybe it needs a name change, would no doubt be great and i'm sure they could learn from any mistakes TUF made and result in something even more productive for the sport.
2/20/07 7:26:32PM
I think Coleman is too one dimensional to be a coach. Even Shamrock ( worst TUF coach to me) is more well rounded IMO. Barnett is not a bad idea though. If they could get Fedor to learn English I think he would be the ultimate coach. He's like a russian Coutre personality wise, and more well rounded. Add the fact that I think he's the world's best fighter and it would be great for Pride, and MMA. They could do it as the buldup to Fedor vs Barnett. Let's hopr Fedor start's cracking the books on those English lessons.
2/20/07 7:29:54PM
I would bet fighting in PRIDE is every shooto, deep and pancrase fighters dream.
So I don't think there's any motivational problems. And there are tons of talent. Only that it would have to be in japanese and with the way they produce things it would be kinda crazy and it wouldn't surprise if they made a strange cage with barbed wire and with swords and stuff just for fun.
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