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10/4/07 4:50:39PM
The section of Yahoo's Japanese website dedicated to wrestling/MMA coverage is reporting that the PRIDE FC Worldwide offices in Japan were closed earlier today (last night Japan time) and all employees were fired. It was reportedly carried out by a Zuffa-appointed advisor.


This sounds like it officially marks the true end of PRIDE, but also shows that the whole PRIDE situation, anyway you look at it, really is that bad.
10/4/07 5:01:54PM
Funny how 1-1 1/2 ago they were believed by some to be the greatest competition for UFC/possibly the dominant brand. MMA changes fast...
10/4/07 5:53:24PM
everyone should have known
10/5/07 5:28:55AM
I knew they were dead as soon as they were purchased by Zuffa.