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7/17/07 5:16:53PM
Hey guys...

I really want to get the Pride theme as my ringtone for my cell...

Anyone know a good website that's got it? Or any other means of obtaining it?

Just imagine... Boom, Boom, Boomboom... Then the strings... And then more Takada... Boom, Boom, Boomboom... Strings... Well you get the jist...

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help
7/17/07 11:15:49PM
I have it on my MySpace (link in our camp) but not sure how to download it.

Here's a free online converter: LINK
7/18/07 11:30:39AM
thanks Manfred, I'll give it a go
7/18/07 11:37:35AM
A Pride FC ring tone. Cool idea. 999 people won't recognize it, but then the 1000th guy will be like "Dude! That's awesome!" and give you a high-five.
7/18/07 1:38:45PM
I think it'd be cool cause it sort of works both ways... Even if they don't recognized it as the Pride theme, it's still a decent peice of music...
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