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3/4/07 7:33:40PM
its a pretty cool station that advertises to mainly 18-34 year old males, perfect for prides also has pretty darn good shows where i cant see anywhere else on tv ! (arrested development) it is also the home of the gaming awards.

Your Thoughts?
any other stations?
3/4/07 9:50:38PM
maybe. i think they would do better on more of a mainstream network like usa but then again i never would have thought ufc would do as well as it does on spike.
3/4/07 9:57:06PM
I could be wrong, but i think G4 is fairly limited on availability. I don't think FSN is that bad of a channel til they get a real big network deal. I think their biggest area that they need to improve is getting current fights on, they also need more promo work. Exposure seems, to me, to be the single biggest thing they are lacking. They wouldn't get a lot more exposure on G4. Tho personally I'm in favor of a deal anytime it means more free mma for me.
3/4/07 10:45:09PM
They should try and get on FX, thats a fox station just like FSN. G4 isnt on basic cable so i doubt that would work.
3/4/07 11:11:19PM
for some reason ive been thinking vince mcmahon is bout to buy out pride
3/5/07 4:24:46PM

Posted by jdubs

for some reason ive been thinking vince mcmahon is bout to buy out pride

God I hope not. That would drive PRIDE right into the ground. No credibility. Also McMahon has shown he only knows his own business. Every other venture he has tried (there have been many) has failed.
3/5/07 6:51:18PM
if they get a reality show on FSN or USA then they'd hit the jackpot.. showing reruns on FSN is great for us but doesnt get too many other people hooked on the sport.

i must agree tho, g4 is limited,
ufc got really lucky with the spike deal!
good job for them
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