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6/20/07 9:56:43PM
yeah, i was really looking forward to that lightweight tournament.. maybe next year then, when the ufc has rebuild an high level LW division and they finally could realize that mma superbowl with facing the asian, russian and european lightweight talents. Oh man, that would rule! I always loved that tournament feeling of seeing who is the best fighter of at least those 16 fighters. Good news, that they still doing pride events anyway.
6/21/07 3:40:05AM

Posted by Stickan

Why all the love for Yoshida?!
I don't see what's so special about him and I usually don't enjoy his fights.

I'm really happy Pride is back but Yoshida in the main bout doesn't sound promising to me.

for real? You didn't enjoy his matches against wanderlei? mark hunt? Ezekiel choke on Tamura? I love pretty much all of his fights and I think watching his judo is amazing. He impresses me far more than karo.
6/21/07 6:18:50AM
Karo is good but Yoshida is excellent. I have always been very impressed with his fights, and he has a hard head too, Mark Hunt dropped some fists with some very bad intentions on his head during that fight! The only fight of Yoshida's I have seen that I haven't enjoyed a great deal was his fight against Rulon Gardener. Rulon just sat on him like a fat pancake and came away with a lacklustre decision!
6/21/07 5:49:05PM
Well as much as I think it's great to see a pride event happening again. I can't say I care much, yet. For the simple fact it's not the same pride. This is Zuffa's pride. My uninformed oppion is it's a watered down version. Sure things can change when they start announcing the fights but my hopes are slim. Who's the guy(s) puting the fight card togather Joe silva (Blah).

Look at what has been going on too this point. Anouncements of fighters from Pride moving over to UFC. Now Sure I used to call my self a Pride fan more than a UFC fan. Thats simply because they put on more good fight match ups. UFC some times is like a boxing event. Nothing matters till the main event.
(If the mainevent is even good.)

Well thats my two cents hope the card will be good and the new era of Pride can be more than a foot note of history past.

"Pain is weakness leaving your body"
6/21/07 6:16:03PM
Well I know that Dana White said after they bought PRIDE that _everyone_ would be keeping their jobs except frank trigg and one other announcer. It does seem somewhat unlikely to me that they will allow the PRIDE matchmakers to keep their jobs instead of letting joe silva do the matchups for both orgs. but who knows. I do think they'll maintain the same production quality, at least to begin with, and I would LOVE to see the return of bas rutten and mauro renallo (best MMA commentator sombo ever imo).
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