Will Pride FC have any more PPV's

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8/17/07 6:42:05PM
on the pride fc website it has Total Elimination 2007, Critical Countdown 2007, and Final Conflict 2007 all with the tba next to them will they happen or is the web guy to lazy to take them off?
8/17/07 7:14:25PM
Yeah sorry man the website guy must be too damm lazy
8/17/07 7:38:33PM
dude PrideFC is DEAD time to move on there hasnt been anything on that site I stoped looking to see plus their getting guted there will be no fighter left to put on a good show
8/19/07 1:36:45AM
I've lost all hope of PRIDE having any more shows. Plus, the shows would not be worth paying for with all the talent that have already moved to the UFC
8/19/07 10:45:21PM
Yea Pride I would think would have a hard time putting a really quality PPV out there anymore, especially in their heavyweight diivision. I think It would be interesting if Zuffa began using Pride as more of a strictly Japanese showcase to help promote fighters over there. I mean the infastructure and fan base is already in place and they could then move the big draws to the octogon and probably never have a problem with replenishing talent while not having to worry about international markets as much.
8/19/07 11:00:12PM
i dont even care abput pride anymore i just wanna see the dream matchups.....
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