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5/15/08 8:44:00PM
I think it's the best game ever... What do you's think... Anyone played Pride Grand Prix 2003?? I think it was only released in japan...
5/15/08 9:28:45PM
It's definantly a thrill. I love it. It might not be great today but if you compare it blows everything else away in MMA games.

The fact that it was made in 2003 makes it a great title to me because it WAS a quality title for the year.

It should be the base to build the new UFC game off of.

and yes, I am a UFC whore and Royce is my character. The one MMA game where Royce and Noguieria are beasts.

That Sakuraba pisses me off too.
5/15/08 9:38:43PM
I still think it holds its own today... Every fighter just feels "right"... Nogueira's double pumping of submision's can get the better of you on your best day... And axe murderer Just walks through people...
2 player is the greatest though... The battles can be epic and there is nothing like scoring a one hit knockout on one of your mates...
I agree... They should definately model the new UFC on this game...
5/15/08 10:01:28PM
I only play 360
5/15/08 10:07:18PM
Yeah, it wasn't perfect but it was that feeling of every character being unique. Gracie, Silva, Nogueria, Herring, Vovchanchyn. great.

My friend came at me with a spinning fron punch and I used that Vovchanchyn haymaker and knocked him out, it was beautiful lol.
5/15/08 11:20:49PM
Haha... That F***ing spinning front punch...
My Vanderlei Silva was the "Playstation Champion" and undefeated against my mates for something rediculous like 28 fights... until I got cocky with his running knee and ate that Huricane punch from Enson in No less than 3 seconds... Heartbreaking...
5/15/08 11:26:14PM
Speaking of one hit knockouts I was Otsuka against a cpu Takada...
Two of the worst characters in the game, Me and my mates always joke about never losing to Takada... But I was Otsuka so the pressure was on... I went for the dropkick straight away and ate a high kick... It Knocked me out cold... It was the funniest Knockout ever... none of us Knew Takada possessed that kind of power...
5/16/08 2:10:30PM
I was playing as one of my created fighters. I stepped in to go for the clinch and Takada KO'ed me with a spinning back kick.
5/22/08 7:49:16PM
Crazy... I've been rocked to sh*t-house by that kick but never knocked out cold... What kind of endurance did your created fighter have??
5/22/08 8:36:24PM
The best MMA game hands down.

I created Tito,Randleman,Fedor,Anderson Silva,GSP,Forrest,etc.

This is the game UFC 2009 has to beat to even get my notice as a worthy MMA game.
5/22/08 9:07:35PM
The big problem with created fighters though, is they all handle like sh*t... too slow... You can only win on the ground... even then if you're against a human opponent the ground and pound is to predictable... very easy to counter... ninja or wandy can walk straight through them without breaking a sweat...
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