why cant we see pride in europe ffs

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POLL: who wants pride to be on sky
yes 80% (4)
no 0% (0)
whats pride 20% (1)
2/24/07 2:04:28PM
its aballs i have to wait till 2morrow to find out who won and worse i cant see how they won just read it sky tv if ur reading this start showing it
2/24/07 9:48:21PM
If you want to see who is winnign or has won check the Sherdog play by play Here .
As for not being able to get the PPV i feel your pain. I know what that is like. My Tv Connection has been messed for a month.
2/25/07 7:01:09AM
nice one thanks
2/25/07 10:22:52AM

Posted by eiredave

nice one thanks

I actually got to watch it at my buddies house last night so i feel better now.
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