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4/17/08 4:37:25PM
So I never bought any mma dvds. The only stuff I see is the PPv's and shows on satelite and I decided to begin my own MMA dvd collection. Right now I am on a low budget til summer so I wanted to know

What UFC or/and Pride DVDs would you buy with a budget of $100?

4/17/08 4:51:47PM
If you want the biggest bang for your buck I would suggest the Pride Legacy DVD sets. These sets do not include the GPs, Bushido or shockwave events, but they offer most of the main events for about 3-5$ per event. I have all five of these sets, which came to around 100$. This would keep you busy until you save up more money for other events.

Most of the Pride DVDs not included in the legacy sets (with the exception of some of the early Bushido ones) have to be bought separately and run between 10-20$ each.

Most UFC events are about 20$ per event. Other than the legacy set (UFC 1-5) I don't know of any UFC box sets that are still available. There was an Ultimate box set for just over a hundred bucks and it had a number of events from around UFC 40-50 something, but I don't know any place to get it at a reasonable price unless you get it used on eBay.

So my recommedation would be to start with the Pride Legacy DVDs and go from there.
4/17/08 7:31:00PM
Since I already have most of the first UFC DVDs I wanted (UFC 57, Classics 1-6) I'd get Classics 7-8 then get DVDs with fights I really liked and a couple of the better recent shows.
4/17/08 7:51:23PM
UFC 60, Pride Shockwave 2005, UFC 74, UFC 76, Pride Final Conflict 2005,and the Pride Legacy DVDs
4/17/08 8:29:16PM
my personal favorites that i own in order are:

Pride Bushido 9
UFC 65
UFC 74
UFC 52
UFC 56
Pride Grand Prix 2003
UFC 79
UFC 63

The Bushido and 2003 Grand Prix will be more expensive, but well worth the money cuz u get all the fights in the tournaments. Bushido 9 is full of amazing fights, especially if youve never seen them before. The UFC cards u can check on sherdog to see which of your fav fights are on what card, but all the ones i listed are full of awesome fights.
4/17/08 11:03:52PM
You can pick up UFC, The Ultimate DVD collection for around 80 bucks. Its has
UFC 40 part 1 and 2
UFC 45
UFC 46
UFC 47
UFC 48
UFC 49
and Ultimate Ko's 1 and 2

it is the best place to start your collection.
the PRIDE LEGACY Volumes 1-5 are pretty sweet as well. Although the UFC DVDs will have more figters that u know(probably)
4/18/08 3:21:20AM
Hit up Amazon and pick up any UFC's for under 8 bucks. They're all worth watching. UFC 47 being my personal favorite.
4/18/08 8:34:05AM
PRIDE Final Conflict 2003
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