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9/27/08 2:29:55PM
Okay here in England Pride wasn't on UK TV (I don't think) and i wasn't really much of a fan of MMA back in like 04/05

I'm looking to get a few of the DVD's available to catch up on the years I missed

I bought Shockwave 2005 today, which others would Pride fans recommend?

(no spoilers of the fights please )
9/27/08 2:33:18PM
Final Conflict 2003, Shockwave 2004, Pride 25, Pride 28, Pride 29, and Final Conflict 2005 are the best Pride cards ever IMO.
9/27/08 2:37:55PM
dont forget about bushido. THe light weight tournament was epic!!!!
9/27/08 3:41:23PM
Yeah don't forget Bushido 9, other than that, Juanez nailed it
9/27/08 3:45:36PM
You should check out You can pick up the bushido boxsets for decent prices. I got the 2003, 04 and 05 gp boxsets aswell, which are all awesome.
9/28/08 1:05:00PM
thanks for the response guys, i'll definately check some of them out

and thanks for that website, always good to save a bit of cash by buying off the net rather than buying them from the shops
9/28/08 1:31:30PM
The newer Pride dvd's are being released now, i've seen Pride 32, 33, and 34 out. Those would be good ones to pick up, most people feel Pride 33 was one of the best mma cards ever, and Pride 32 was Fedor in America for the first time.
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