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12/15/07 2:23:26PM
Does anybody have any idea when Zuffa is going to release this event on DVD in the US? The card includes the Diaz/Gomi fight (one of the best of the year), and I'd love to add it to my collection.

I don't really expect it to be out very soon, however. Zuffa has done a very bad job of releasing DVDs, aside from the TUF seasons and the recent UFC PPVs. Most of the early UFC DVDs are not available, and they haven't released any in awhile. Zuffa needs to step up and release some more of these events, as most new fans have not seen them.
12/15/07 2:28:53PM
I'm hoping they release a DVD box set with 29-33 and PRIDE Decade on it aswell.
12/15/07 2:47:53PM
They'll realease it after the OWGP 2006 comes out. Do they not realize theres a ton of money in releasing these movies!? Come of Fertita's!
12/15/07 2:57:49PM
I would pay a WHOLE bunch of cash if they released a PRIDE or even UFC anthology. It would be AMAZING to have all of the PRIDE DVDs in one set.

Maybe after UFC 100 they will release something with all of them. I'd pay a grand for that. They could make some serious caysh if they released anything like this.
12/16/07 10:37:29PM
i was thnking same thing alot of pride dvd's aren't out yet pride 34 the bushido's as well as shockwave 2006 i would love to grab a couple of these but with pride no longer existing i wonder if the ufc will even release any of the last pride events on dvd
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