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4/20/07 1:25:51PM
If actions continue such as the turn of events have been, i.e dana white having a major role in the development of pride worldwide and him running the show, i see some fighters that would be more than reluctant to sign a new contract with pride worldwide (owned by the ferttitas)

-Fedor Emelianenko: currently being sued by dana white for breach of contract, which is just danas way of bitching to have fedor sign an exclusive contract saying that he can only fight in Pride/Ufc. this goes against fedors plans because he was able to fight in russia under his contract with DSE. also, i think bodog is throwing around tons of cash at him. and for an extra perk, who wouldn't want the president of their country applauding him to win a fight. this is why i think fedor SHOULD stay with bodog, and forget the ufc. For all those who think "fedor wont be #1 anymore because he's not going to fight the top competitors" well guess what, he already beat everyone and HES the champion, he should not be seeking fights but accepting them.

-Josh Barnett: He's stated publicaly that the pride that we once loved is gone forever, and that he does not like the merger with UFC. my guess is that if fedor goes to bodog, barnett will follow suit and make just as much money fighting there.

-Frank Trigg: Being recently fired from his job, i don't know how hard he will take it. Also he fights for ICON fights, which may be of a problem for the contract, again dealing with exclusitivity.

-Red Devil Fight Team: Members of fedor emelianenkos camp, Aleks, Sergei, Roman Zentsov & others would also follow

-Super heavyweights: fighters such as butterbean, zuluzinho, the giant silva and others will not be able to make weight, being as the cap for heavyweight is at 265.

once again these are all my predictions and nothing is set in stone, it's just an idea i have.

once ufc has milked everything they need out of pride, pride will only have a handful of good fighters, mostly from chutebox and BTT (which aren't my favorite fighters) so i think bodog will rise over the next few years (if it survives) and pride slowly diminish.

Your thoughts?
4/20/07 2:18:12PM
Certainly possible. Whats-his-face that owns it has very deep pockets and could certainly build his org around Fedor. They'll have to get more HW competion for him besides Josh though.
4/20/07 2:26:22PM
let them have all that adn still that will be all they have what isn't much when you look at it in the end.
4/20/07 3:19:57PM
Interesting points loller.

While at this time, I agree that Dana's finger in the Pride honey pot will cause problems, I'm not sure what they'll be.

Time will tell.
4/20/07 3:37:08PM
if fedor wants to be the sh*t he needs to go to ufc. You may argue he is already the best fighter, except the average American has never heard of his name
4/20/07 3:41:29PM
Loller do you have some source that corroborates your statement that The UFC is suing Fedor? I've only seen Dana's comments that if any other org. tried to offer Fedor an exclusive contract, that he would slap an injunction on them. I haven't seen anything that says they are actually suing him.Here's the only comments I have found from the Dan White conference call this week. I know BODOG may want to sign him, but hasn't as yet. Since this topic is about the rise of BODOG I'm moving it to the other orgs. forum.As to a possible challenger to the UFC I think the EliteXc alliance would be the best choice, they already have a TV deal. Anyway, let us know if you've got some inside info, thanks

When asked about the status of Pride Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko, who recently stated that he is not under contract to Pride, White said that Fedor is indeed under contract to Pride, but added, "It's a non-exclusive contract, and I don't do non-exclusive contracts."

White said that he is trying to sign Fedor to an exclusive contract and that if Fedor were to sign a similar non-exclusive contract with any other MMA promotion in the meantime, "We would absolutely slap an injunction on that." An "injunction" in this case would be a temporary restraining order seeking to legally prohibit Fedor from fighting in any other MMA promotion.
4/20/07 5:18:03PM
i hope the IFL , Bodog, and some of the smaller orgs (cage rage etc) flourish, i dont like the idea of the ufc having a monopoly on the sport.
4/20/07 6:09:22PM
That could happen Loller. But i think Dana will be smart and not change too much about Pride.
I doubt that all of Red Devil Sport Club would leave Pride/UFC. As for Superheavyweight. Who said anythign about that leaving? After all WEC still has its 145 divison. Maybe the UFC will do the same thing with Pride.

But Really. How many top Super Heavy Weights are there? giant silva, Akebono, Zulu dude who jsut fought butterbean, none of those guys are really talented just big. Butterbean is good and so are a few others. But they are few and far betweem.

Dana is a very savvy business man. He isnt gonna let the best fighters in the world just slip away from him. If you havent noticed he has been attracting them to the UFC.
Nog, Anderson Silva, Marcio Rua, have all got contracts with the UFC.
Not to mention Cro Cop who is notiorous for being a hard man to sign a contract with.
IF the UFC can sign Cro Cop to a contract i believe they can get anyone.
UFC is Pride now. But they are different. Why would Dana make them the same? That would defy the point of keeping them as 2 seperate companies.

Bottom line. If Pride was gonna be moulded into the exact same as the UFC. They would have shut it down and just have UFC shows in Japan. But word is that Pride is still gonna be under the Pride banner.

Posted by disorderlyvision

i hope the IFL , Bodog, and some of the smaller orgs (cage rage etc) flourish, i dont like the idea of the ufc having a monopoly on the sport.

I believe it was announced a short while back that several of the medium sized orgs have banded together. Including if i am not mistaken Bodog, Cage Rage, KOTC, Spirt MC, and maybe HEROS
4/21/07 11:21:31AM
couple things on your post marck:

1. mauricio shogun rua isn't going to ufc, but will remain a pride fighter

2. white has stated there will be no super-heavy weight division and will cap it at 265lbs

4/22/07 1:15:09PM
I believe showgun will go to bodog or ufc eventually, prob when chuck gets beat. !
4/23/07 9:01:57AM
I would really like to see Fedor stay in Pride, but he prolly wont Pride is never gonna be the same again. It was really a sad day in the MMA world when PRIDE was sold to Zuffa.
4/23/07 7:59:33PM
I agree with this as I hate for fighters being constrained to compeition within itself.

look at how many times ppl have fought the same fighters just because they were stuck inside of one organization.
5/7/07 5:01:12PM
To the thread poster-I agree with what you said and you summed up the situation quite nicely.

Sergei isn't Red-Devil though, he had a falling out and is now RTT.
Fanboy 1988
5/29/07 5:26:49AM

Posted by Kisame

I agree with this as I hate for fighters being constrained to compeition within itself.

look at how many times ppl have fought the same fighters just because they were stuck inside of one organization.

I agree to, if UFC never bought pride then we'd be stuck with Chuck vs Tito 3 and so many more repetitive matches, it's cool were gonna see Dan vs Rampage, and possibly Silva vs Liddell, Cro cops gonna be awsome to see fight again to, and possibly Shogun's gonna be thrown into the mix as well....

I think it's a good thing, no more dodging and weaving on the fights we want to happen, that's why I hate boxing alot to much red tape for someone to go through to make a dream fight happen

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