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POLL: Should have UFC put some of the FN 13 fights on their last PPV card instead?
Yes 13% (4)
No 28% (9)
No, I get to see Alves and Karo fight for free =) 31% (10)
Don King must have been behide this 9% (3)
I hate Don King 19% (6)
3/31/08 5:04:52PM
Looking at the card between these two, Im kinda upset with how they made these cards. The PPV was ok but it felt like, other than the main event, that it was just low card guys being fed to big names.
Fight Nights card has a lot of great match ups and I know there are going to be a lot we will miss due to limited time so do you guys think that the PPV should have had any of these fights if they were possible to fight then?
3/31/08 7:05:53PM
I dont know if you remember or not, But the original UFC 83 was cancelled, because they were having trouble getting the fights they wanted there and it was 2 weeks after UFC 82, which meant they would probably have low PPV #'s, so they decided to Make UFC 83 in Canada (originally UFC 84). so the fights that had been booked for the O.G UFC 83 had to be moved to other events, so that its wouldnt be that much different for the fighters, they moved most to UFN, but some also to UFC 83 (Canada). and IMO i dont think any fighter wanted less time to prepare than they originally had planned for their fight.
3/31/08 7:54:17PM
it stands to reason with all of the new organizations blasting onto TV, that they stack the next card on SPIKE.
4/1/08 1:45:17AM
We want more than 2 options involving Don King!!
4/1/08 5:13:33AM
this is a major reason why mma is better than boxing, you dont have to pay 60 bucks everytime you want to see a good fighter
4/1/08 11:45:33AM
Tbh, if you take away the title fight and rich franklin, you've essentially got a ufn card for 83 judging by the quality the recent ufns have had. Theres 10 tufers on 83 by my count, including serra and lutter. Im not complaining though, both cards will be good, and i dont have to pay for either, but id just think of it as $20 dollars each if i wasnt sure about buying 83, becouse the ufn card is absolutely stacked.
4/1/08 1:51:01PM
Yea I can't wait for fight night and the new TUF premiere tommorow night its gonna be good.
4/1/08 5:31:29PM
yeh i agree that with new deals on major broadcasting, they need to stack their free events on spike.

......also what alot of people forget imo is how stacked the cards would be if they actually televised all fights
4/1/08 8:27:03PM
i voted no, but couldnt resist saying i hate don king
4/2/08 12:00:54AM

Posted by Kpro

We want more than 2 options involving Don King!!

I apoligize, I try to make as many options to Don King as possible in my polls but Im glad to see more results under his options
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