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3/5/07 7:43:15AM
Looks like Fishman and Pride are butting heads over his contract and the possible sale of the company. This does not bode well for the future of Pride.
3/5/07 9:00:47AM
I don't like how this situation is playing out. This Fishman guy is going to bury Pride.
3/5/07 12:16:20PM
this doesn't sound good, especially after a great U.S. show.
3/5/07 12:19:23PM
fishman is putting himself out of the running to buy pride with this latest tiff with management, apparently they want to buy him out and he doesn't want out so say hello to Zuffa Presents PRIDE Fighting
3/5/07 12:43:59PM
This is news to me, but it doesnt look good for Pride especially in the US. Which sucks because competition is always good for business, and without Pride there will be no major competition for the UFC in the US. Because we all know that these casual "MMA fans" arent going to pay to see a Pride pay per view...
3/5/07 1:11:58PM
this is probably the worst news that could come to pride. dang fishman! hopefully they resolve the differences and pay attention to the fans and not money for themselves *le sigh*
3/5/07 5:46:41PM
Who would like to be relieved of their job as the Pres. of Pride USA? Fish has a point IMO.
3/5/07 6:20:42PM
prides been going under for awhile now, ever since fuj. t.v. cut them off they havent been the same, you can only pay top scale for so long after the sponsers pull out, had pride been doing it the legit way instead of strong arms and back alley deals with the crime familys maybe things would be different...sakabara could take a few notes from dana on how an orginazation should be run...the object is to make money and put on a good show, they always put on a good show but the rates at which they cost is incredible...overpaying for fighters like yoshida, i love him but hes no million dollar fighter...i hope pride surviors because it is a great organization, but the sale of them might be for the best...
3/5/07 6:22:01PM
I think this is bad for MMA as a whole. We need a strong 2nd MMA promotion here to keep the UFC honest IMO. If Pride goes down I think it will take a year or two for someone to establish themselves as significant competitor. I'm pulling for Pride to get something good going.
3/5/07 6:27:46PM
Yeah this is some pretty bad news but i don't really think it is too surprising.
3/5/07 6:42:38PM
Is there any way that Pride can become normal again or just assume that they are gona have to sell? Either way this sucks!!!!

If Dana loves MMA he should give 100% of next UFC's income to Pride to help em out =P
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