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7/17/08 10:43:46AM
Don't know if it's just at my best buy or what... And I don't know how long it'll last, but Pride Bushido DVD's (vol 1-9) are on sale for 4.99$... Just thought I'd let ya'all know...

I just got the LW and WW GP 2 dvd set (bushido 9) for 5 f'n bucks.... SWEET!!!
7/17/08 8:57:23PM
Damn, I'll have to check it out. Things usually don't go on sale here in Canada, but if I find any for that price I'll throw some props your way.
7/17/08 9:53:42PM
Hot damn your right, you can go on their website even, and order them for 4.99.

The dvds on sale on sale
7/20/08 12:43:00PM
Nearly every Pride FC video is over 20$ up here, just like I said.
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