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10/17/11 5:02:07PM
Finally got my hands on PRIDE, so I've been watching. Deciding to write up my thoughts as the fight plays out kinda like my own play-by-play. I've not seen many PRIDE fights if I'm honest so if you get a chance read and reminisce of when you first watched it


Still no intro

Love Bas is the commentator again!

Fight 1:
Royler Gracie vs Yuhi Sano

And before I begin writing I'd like to say no me and my Girlfriend haven't broken up, just nothing to do this evening

Right, I'm picking Gracie, just coz.
This better be a Gracie showcase....
Royler looks so small compared to Sano - 50 Pounds between them
Pulling guard and sweep, fair play the gracies were good
Quick turn, and almost a slam
Royler looks good but that weight difference is going to take its toll on Royler as he's really trying hard to keep moving
Is there a mutual agreement not to strike?
He's been ontop for ages in mount but literally not looked even close to finishing or hurting Sano
Finally a sweep!
An upkick, finally some striking!
Some between the legs action ;)
Takes mount, softens him up! Thats what sets up submissions

Royler takes it in the end i'm glad it was finished, but crazy boring gameplan, if you thought GSP's fights were dull lol

Fight 2: My man SHOJI!!! YES!!! vs hopefully some can: Juan Mott

Some good small kick exchanges
Takedown straight to mount by Shoji, that's my boy!
Softens him up with some heavy punches, Mott is forced to turn and give his back
Choke in
And tap! Shoji now 1-1-1 Still liking the guy!

Fight 3: WIlliam Roosmalen vs Ralph White

From countries this sounds like it'll be a striker wrestler match up.
Oh wait Ralphs the kickboxer who lost because of his egg head in a kickboxing fight at PRIDE. I hope this ends quickly...
Fair play been an average run of the mill kickboxing fight so far.
If anybody knows why theres a KB match at an MMA event let me know!
Lots of Kicks, I do kickboxing so could bang on about it forever but I wont
Shot to the liver finish lol, Bas loved it

Fight 4: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Vernon White

Saku gets rocked early but gets the fight down
Good armlock attempt
Sakuraba back on top and goes for the arm, and takes mount instead
Good sweep
Vernon makes Saku stand up
Straight for the single leg
Bit of a long scramble then Saku goes for an armbar, which is escaped
Still dislike the whole move the fighters by pushing them lol
So active on the ground! I love this
How come White never puts the hooks in
10-9 Saku
Second round Saku has some nifty takedowns, fair play
This is a crazy good ground battle lol
Saku's got some nifty moves
Very technical match and it's been very enjoyable so far and been very fun to watch
20-18 so far to Saku
I am surprised with Saku's dominance he hasn't eventually ended up with the sub but then the same could be said with White
5 minutes left, Wow 25 minutes is a long time
Fair play though, they must be knackered
Oh wait!
That is it! After so many attempts that is crazy!

Fair Play! Good fight just really long

Have to call that a day for this event so far!
10/17/11 5:07:18PM
Japan has always mixed mma and kick boxing, that is a theme throughout Pride, there New Years Eves show (which was there biggest every year) was co promoted with them and K1, used to have a few cross over mactches.

Sakuraba v White is a great fight, there is a couple of great early Sakuraba fights, look out for his fights with Carlos Newton and Vitor Belfort and any Gracie he fights, Ralph, Royler, Royce and Renzo.
10/18/11 4:34:23PM
One of the things you will notice in the early pride era is that as soon as a fighter turns away while his opponent is attacking, the ref stops the fight. This was one thing I couldn't stand. It flat out pissed me off
10/18/11 7:54:56PM
I always loved Quadros commentary in the Royler fight.
I crack up every time!
10/23/11 6:25:41PM
Next Fight Renzo Gracie vs Kikatu?

Well Gracie has better wrestling, this'll be a stupid fight
Takedown, and half mount to Kikuta! Still dragging fighters for restarts ? Yep
Again has Renzo ever actually ever won with a submission off his back?...
Getting a bit dull
Round 1 Ended
Round 2
Some clinch game - Gracies body shots offence to Kikuta are starting to effect him.
Pretty uneventful thus far
Round 3
Straight to the guard boo
Haha commentators contemplating if Gracie should tickle him LOL
Minor action - straight back to the guard
These commentators are good - nothing ventured nothing gained
Round 4
Why is this still going?!?
Unlimited rounds. Gay.
Some Punches from the top at last!
Round 5
Really, why is this going and why am I still watching?
Guillotine and knees! Kikuta looks really unhappy
Pulling guard, and he's out the submission, what a waste of time
More stalling of the clock
Round 6
How long left?.... Fed up now
60 minutes of stalling, on the ropes
Guillotine, and he taps

That is sillyly long,
That'll do... I thought you know I might be able to finish the event tonight but I can't I'm tired and that wasn't exciting!

Almost nearing the end I hope.

Night guys!
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