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9/25/07 6:20:50PM
At a news conference two days before his UFC 76 fight against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Forrest Griffin (Pictures) explained how he had inserted himself into a showdown with the man considered the best light heavyweight in the world:

"We're thinking about you and [Ryoto] Machida on Sept. 22," UFC matchmaker Joe Silva had said to him.

9/25/07 9:23:21PM
i think his loss was more a conditioning problem than inexperience , he was gassed by the middle of the 2nd round.
the rules didn't play that much of a part either , never had any good opportunities for a soccer kick or a stomp.
9/25/07 10:55:49PM
Really good article. They pretty much said it all except for the conditioning thing that you just mentioned. I noticed it was a problem with Ninja in his last fight as well. Makes me wonder about the other Chute Box Brazilian sensation....Wandy.
9/26/07 10:58:57AM
Shogun didn't take this fight serious enough. He was gassed at a time that would've still been in the first round in Pride. I give Forrest all the credit in the world, but I still don't believe he could beat Shogun when Shogun is properly conditioned. Plus, the UFC doesn't show off his skillset, soccer kicks, stomps, etc.
I think he'll come back and destroy someone. Hell, he's only 25 years old. He's already learned the price of not training properly and taking someone too lightly. No more easy fight for anyone guys.
9/26/07 12:22:36PM
all shogun was sayin b4 the fight is ''im going for the KO''''i wanna show the the fans a good show'' now thats all good but in the UFC there are no easy win so be ready for a war
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