UFC 91 Previews (Brock + Randy)

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11/6/08 1:01:59PM
11/6/08 1:31:49PM
I can see Brock over committing to a punch and Randy sidestepping and picking him apart. I think the wrestling will be negated on both parts and will result in mostly stand up. In which Brock will connect with a couple over committed power shots or Randy does what I stated above... Either way its going to be a knockout of some sort. As of now id give a c*nt hairs advantage to the Brock monster...

Who's feeling that scenario?
? or ?
11/6/08 1:59:17PM
i am still up in air of who to pick

experience vs age factor, plus being out of the cage for 15 months plus a fighter who is younger, stronger, and more dominate wrestler he has ever faced.

inexperience is also a factor, plus if randy can pull of a sub that is only way he will beat him i see this going 5 rounds easy
11/6/08 5:28:08PM
I am at odds as well. I do have Brock picked as of now but is subject to change closer to fight time
11/8/08 2:41:12AM
I'm still sayin ,"hey, we still haven't really seen brock get punched alot yet." I think Randy will find some strange way to get a top position and rain punches down on brock, I don't think brock will respond well to that kind of GnP
11/8/08 5:21:01AM
ok ppl...... say Randy does get Brock down........ HOW IS HE GOING TO KEEP HIM THERE?????

I dont see my hero winning this fight.
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