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7/4/08 5:24:09PM
UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Bout:

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin

UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson makes his second title defense, this time against Forrest Griffin, the original winner of The Ultimate Fighter.

Neither fighter has seen action since September of last year with Jackson winning a decision over Dan Henderson at UFC 75 and Griffin submitting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 76.

Fans have gotten to know both fighters over the past several months because of their stints as coaches on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. Although through most of the season they were amiable to each other, there were moments where both fighters were eager to fight one another.

Jackson is known for his strong boxing and solid wrestling abilities, while Griffin is known for his scrappiness and his ability to adapt to any situation in a fight. They have had several months to prepare for each other and should know their opponent’s weaknesses like the backs of their hands.

Jackson will want to keep the fight on the feet and use his boxing to tag Griffin with a power shot that will put him on his back. If the fight isn’t going the way that Jackson wants it, don’t be surprised to see him take it to the ground and pound on Griffin.

Griffin will need to keep the distance with kicks and not get into Jackson’s range for an exchange because Jackson has a technique and power advantage over Griffin on the feet. On the ground, he needs to keep position and not take too many risks with submission attempts because Jackson has excellent submission defense.

It’s hard to think that the fight will go to the distance, as both fighters will be looking for the finish. For Jackson, he will want to finish it on the feet with a punching combination. For Griffin, he’ll need to catch Jackson off guard and capitalize on a mistake made by the champion.

However the fight ends up, it’s been months in the making and after Saturday night we’ll have a conclusion.

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