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5/29/08 10:58:14PM
Pretty entertaining as you would expect :)

5/29/08 11:44:43PM
Man I hope he wins the Grandprix.
5/29/08 11:57:18PM
Mayhem is funny. He has a lot of fun at no matter what he does. Win lose or draw you can always expect a show from Mayhem.
5/30/08 2:31:14AM
Yup, I love the guy's Shtick, great for the sport. Almost everyone loves an entertainer and this guy oozes charisma and is a pretty damn fine fighter to boot. Proud to be a member of the Mayhem Monkey's.
5/30/08 4:04:28AM
I like the interview he did where he was doing an impression of Dan Henderson.
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