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6/7/08 12:46:44AM
With the major announcement coming up, and all the rumors of him getting into MMA..

does anyone think its possible that Floyd Mayweather (who announced his retirement today!!) could be either, fighting for OR buying part of the UFC????

it seems like a long shot, but with the sudden retirement, when he was supposed to have a rematch with Oscar later this year seems wierd...

whats your thoughts??
6/7/08 1:25:04AM
I really hope that he is not part of this big UFC announcement. I respect what he's done but I want him to stay away from MMA. Just watching him on Iron Ring, and then the thought of him BUYING a part of the UFC kinda makes me sick.
6/7/08 1:43:42AM
I wouldent mind watching him get distroyed
6/7/08 1:47:44AM

Posted by holt8081

I wouldent mind watching him get distroyed

6/7/08 2:07:50AM
Well considering he is retiring from boxing because his hands are breaking down, it woulden't make a ton of sense if he was going to go to smaller gloves... but hey i've been wrong before.
6/7/08 2:14:20AM
I doubt it. It wouldn't suprise me for him to attach himself to MMA, but not the UFC. I thought him and Cuban were talking about becoming partners, and inversting together in MMA?
6/7/08 9:33:13AM
-->>announcement of MMA legalization in New York, White has stated that he was in New York leading up to 85 and has to fly back after the show in England to New York.

i think that will be the big announcement, although i'd rather see UFC on network TV, that still pretty big. Also about Pretty boy, im guessing he'll team up with Cuban, Dana has taken a few shots at floyd before so i doubt he'll team up with the UFC.
6/7/08 9:59:56AM
Floyd knows better to sign with the UFC. he knows he couldnt hang with those guys. Same goes for MMA fighter who been challenged to a boxing match, they all know better, they would get eaten alive. Anyways Mayweather over the years has shown us he can pretty much outclass anybody in the boxing business. What now for Floyd? he'll become a promoter i can almost guarantee that, loves money way too much.
6/7/08 8:42:21PM
Im not so sure Floyd can outclass Cotto or Margarito, but that is neither here nor there.

There is no way he would do any MMA for one

He makes a TON of money for his prizefights, no MMA organization can match what he made in boxing pure and simple.
6/8/08 12:43:11AM
to me he just looks like a tan ethiopian.
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