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8/9/11 6:47:05PM
The presence of pmoney will probably drop off a little bit in the coming days. I am in the middle of a move, and other life affecting factors come in to play. I'll still be checking in, and more likely than not I'll probably still be posting everyday. But I probably won't have the time to contribute to the news share forum and the video forum like I have in the past.

This is temporary of course! Like I said, I am moving, and I am also working on new money making opportunities, as that is what pmoney does

Anyhow, like I said, you'll probably see me around every day still. I'm perpetually logged in on my phone. Have fun, fellow Playground members!

8/9/11 7:39:10PM
8/9/11 8:16:48PM
Like the jizz stains on my're gone for now...but you'll be back soon!
8/9/11 8:24:12PM
You are easily one of the most liked characters on this site, Pmoney.

I will post for you while you are gone.
8/9/11 8:42:57PM
You flatter me guys

I'll still be posting, but not like the hawk watching over the forums I currently am, lol. I just have the move, and some new business opportunities I need to pursue, and I foresee that taking away some Playground time. But I'll still be here. The Playground is like business (as well as pleasure) to me, I can't quit it!

8/9/11 9:20:26PM
Hurry back to the forums, bro. UFC Live is just around the corner.
8/9/11 9:36:26PM
Much respect for one of my favorite posters!
8/9/11 9:50:41PM

Thanks guys! I love discussing MMA on the forums here with all of you. I will probably still probably be posting errrr day, as I have a physical compulsion to do so. And once I TCB, I'll be back to all day errr day status

I just got a with a new company, new position, mo' money, got the move going on. Also got some other business projects lined up. I'm stoked! Anyhow, once I get settled and get in the flow of things, I'll be posting like normal.

Thanks for the moral support gents
8/10/11 7:24:41AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Hurry back to the forums, bro. UFC Live is just around the corner.

This. Good luck with the moving process P$, I know it can be a bitch.
8/10/11 1:02:39PM

Posted by DeadHead988

Much respect for one of my favorite posters!

hurry discussions wont be the same without you.
8/11/11 12:54:05AM
Pmoney's overrated. He's a washed up has been who never fought anybody but cans in pride. He hasn't had a relevant fight since 2005. Regardless of the fact that none of that makes any sense, i still believe it.

Im glad he's gone. RETIRE.
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