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3/26/08 4:49:05AM
I will be attending the Phoenix bracket of the Sweet 16 & Elite 8 and managed to nab 200 level, front row, center court tickets.

The only question is.

Who's mmaplayground avatar should I paint on my naked chest for this highly televised occasion?
3/26/08 8:13:35AM

And you must have it animated too.
3/26/08 8:14:49AM
Most definitely mine...

Have fun man, should be a good time.
3/26/08 9:35:27AM
Congrats on the tix!
Since you'll be seeing: Bruins, Hilltoppers, Musketeers and Mountaineers and they all have some connection to the outdoors. I'd go with a Forrest Griffin slant - maybe a Mickey's T-Shirt?
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