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7/13/10 5:30:16PM
Spike TV will not air a one-hour "UFC Prelims" pay-per-view teaser prior to September's UFC 119 event, but the possibility remains for UFC 121. That's according to a source close to Spike TV. UFC 120, of course, won't get a special because the Oct. 16 event already airs on Spike TV (via same-day delay from London).

7/13/10 6:07:24PM
put Rampage vs Machida on the card, and that will make up for spidergate, as long as it airs live on spike tv (not vs)
7/13/10 6:52:45PM
I doubt it since Rampage gets a % off of the pay per views.
7/13/10 8:00:28PM
Don't blame them. No prelims worthy of it
Dana still owes us. And ufc 120 better not be it
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