Which do you prefer, MMA Live or Inside MMA?

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POLL: Which One?
MMA Live 44% (12)
Inside MMA 56% (15)
12/21/08 4:27:18AM
I think I like MMA live better. How about you?
12/21/08 9:46:19AM
I like Inside MMA, but MMA Live is definitely my favorite of the two. I used to think Inside MMA was the greatest thing since sliced bread...until MMA Live debuted and blew it out of the water. I must admit though that Bas has a certain something that can't be duplicated.
12/21/08 10:17:18AM
I like both of them, but MMA Live is by a far my favorite.(Sorry Bas haha)
12/22/08 11:08:36PM
Bas > Florian or Bonner
12/22/08 11:52:34PM
before somebody trashes bas i cant understand that people can dislike bas, hes one of the most funny and likable characteres in mma or in life, to dislike him is just unnecessary and dosnt make sense, not everybody can have the same type of comedy and i think he has a good common ground about himself and its too bad he gets written off for the hard work hes done for mma, i hope inside mma goes on until bas retires
12/23/08 9:49:27AM
InsideMMA...but then again, I've only watched about 4 minutes of MMA Live and no nothing about it, really. Has it made its debut on TV yet? I think I remember hearing that it was supposed to at some point...
12/24/08 10:14:09PM
MMA Live all day. I def. prefer it.
12/25/08 3:36:00PM
Inside MMA appeals to hardcore fans much more than MMA Live, it hsa better guests, better incites, and way better coverage of the sport.
12/25/08 3:39:48PM
inside MMA but live is not to bad at all i enjoy both
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