ufc on fx 2 predictions for sotn? kotn? fotn?

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2/28/12 6:34:22PM
Didn't know.this landed on a Friday which sucks for me cause I gotta work that night also cause after this no more fight cards for like 5 weeks. Thank god for tuf America and Brazil. And bellator as well
Last weeks fights were crazy. A lot of upsets I would never have thought kid yammoto would be 0-3 in the Ufc by now.

Fight of the night. Gotta give it to the little guys
Ian mccall and mighty mouse . I am stoked about the flyweights tournament.

Knockout of the night

Will say shawn Jordan by tko over Ollie Thompson

Sub of the night

Cole miller by something crazy or inverted over silar.

Nice fights once again at least 10 fights shown on tv

Damm I wish there was a March pay per view as well
They could have easily have had mir vs velasquez as main event and kept the card in Canada
2/28/12 8:38:48PM
Workin friday nights sucks my bro! but atleast youll catch Strikeforce on Saturday! Tate vs Rousey! Woo!!! Im erect just thinkin about it

FOTN: McCall vs Mighty Mouse
SOTN: Hippo Perosh (Via Australian rear naked -AKA- The crocodile tamer)
KOTN: Te Huna
2/28/12 8:58:05PM
FOTN Alves vs Kampmann
KOTN Te Huna
SOTN Miller

great fights overall, I don't see too many possibly boring fights if any. WAR ALVES
2/28/12 9:32:26PM
I got dvr been my new bff. I will watch the fights after work. Gotta stay off mma sites cause of spoilers. Strikeforce I can see live thank god
2/28/12 9:38:25PM
KOTN - Jordan over Thompson
SOTN - Miller over Siler
FOTN - Alves vs. Kampmann
2/29/12 1:22:11AM
FOTN: Alves/Kampmann
SOTN: Miller
KOTN: Jordan
2/29/12 7:39:03AM
KOTN: Alves

SOTN: MIller

FOTN: Johnson vs Mccall

Upset: Craig over Noke
2/29/12 9:08:26AM
KOTN: Alves
SOTN: Cole Miller
FOTN: Mighty Mouse/McCall
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