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4/25/08 12:05:18PM
I have questions about the prediction bonuses...
1. what qualifies as a prediction? what do u need to get correct to get that? Just the winning fighter, all 3 choices????
2. Do u need to bet on that fight to win the prediction bonus?
3.what is the rate that u win by? Is it based on how much u wager on that fight?

4/25/08 12:35:20PM
1. A prediction is, in your fantasy picks, who you choose to win that fight. The payouts are as follows:
Correctly pick the winner of the fight: $25 added to bankroll
Correctly pick the winner of the fight and either fight end time or ending details: $40 added to bankroll
Correctly pick winner, end time, AND ending details: $70 added to bankroll
You can only get bonuses for fight time and/or ending details if you correctly pick the winner. If you get either right but picked the loser of the fight, you get nothing.

2. No. Making a wager on a fight is not required to earn prediction bonuses. But you would still earn the bonuses if you made correct picks on a figher and made a wager on the fighter. (Both are separate from the other)

3. For wagers, the payout is determined by the odds on each fighter. These are displayed on your Fantasy wagers page. "+" indicates an underdog, and their number indicates the profit you'd earn on a $100 bet on them. Example: At UFC 84, Sean Sherk is currently +245 against BJ Penn. So if you bet $100 on Sherk and he wins, you win 245% of your bet, or $245. "-" indicates the favorite, which pays less to win. BJ Penn is -260, meaning you would need to bet at least that amount ($260) to win -100. If you bet $100 on Penn and he won, you would get your initial $100 bet back plus an additional $38.

Parlay wagers work a bit different. For those you make a bet that 2, 3, or 4 different fighters will all win their fights (similar to an exacta or similar bets in horse racing). Parlays are paid out by totaling up the odds on each fighter to help determine total odds. These are more difficult to win but if you do, the payouts can be huge-a winning $100 parlay can easily pay out well over $15,000. But ALL fighters you made a parlay on must win. If even 1 fighter loses, you lose your bet. You do not have to make a wager on a fighter to make a parlay bet involving that fighter.

Hopefully that answers all your questions without being too complicated.
4/25/08 12:39:39PM
Thanks bro...
i know how the wagers work i was just confused on the prediction bonus cause i see people with different amounts. U answered my questions. thanks again!
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