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2/19/09 4:34:29PM
Apparently Robert Rodriguez( directed Dusk til Dawn, Desperado, Sin city etc.) has been signed to do a remake of it. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a heck of a director, but I see no need. Predator is one of the greatest action movies of all time IMO. When it came out there was nothing like it before, and i still think it holds up to this day. McTiernan( he just doesn't like the spotlight -unlike a lot of famous directors) is one of the unsung great director ever, the cast was amazing, and the idea is never as compelling as the first time you saw the original. Once the reveals out of the bag, any further predator movies lack that extra oomph the first had. Why not make a predator 3 with Arnie/Danny Glover ,and some new special forces guys thrown in ,if you want to revive the whole predator thing. It would make a lot more sense to me. Anyway, since this forum is mostly populated by men, and men always seem to dig this classic flick whenever it's mentioned in my presence , What do ya'll think?
2/19/09 4:45:58PM
Blasphemy. The Original Predator is one of my top 5 favorite action movies of all time. I hesitate to say it's my favorite, but I do believe I have watched it more than any other action movie.

You can't top Jesse "the Body" Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and the machismo they brought to that movie. It is one of the ultimate guy flicks. The way hollywood does movies these days they'd throw Duane "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Michael Clarke Duncan in to try to compare. (Perhaps an appearance from our favorite $corpion King 3 actor, too?) It's just not the same hollywood. No way they could appeal to the average man's bloodlust the way Predator did. Nor could they bring back the fear and awe because like you said- it's already been done. We know what to expect. The movie was a freaking classic. It will never be topped by a sequel.

The only actors out there that can still play a true tough guy role in that genre IMO are Ron Perlman, Mickey Rourke, and maybe Michael Madsen. Although I never find his characters too convincing, personally. Hollywood has gone to ****, and it's a shame when we're comparing movies like "Predator" to make that call. Because honestly- if you really break it down it was one of the crappiest movies ever made. It had that feel that Hollywood doesn't seem to be able to generate anymore IMO
2/19/09 4:47:55PM
and by the way- Of course I'd go watch it.
2/19/09 5:10:22PM
I hate remakes. Hate them....
2/19/09 5:16:31PM
I sure as hell hope this doesn't actually's also one of my favorite action movies. Since it hasn't shown up on IMDB yet and the rumors were swirling a few years ago about the same thing, I'll just sit back and pray this is just a rumor.
2/19/09 7:49:01PM
I agree completely. Predator was essentially a perfect movie, and bears no improving upon. A remake of any of the top action-adventure movies of the 1980s (The Golden Age of the Action-Adventure Film) could only be worse than the original.

2/19/09 7:55:30PM
i like sin city but um this sounds bad
2/19/09 8:14:36PM
**** man
The original cast is unreplacable
All those great qotes
"if it bleeds we can kill it"
"I ain't got time to bleed'
"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die"
"Come on! Kill me! I'm here! Come on! Do it now! Kill me!"

And best of all is Bill Duke
'Gonna have me some fun'
'I gonna cut your name into him'
"Here we are again bro. Just you and me. Same kind of moon same kind of jungle"

The movie is so cool
The remake can only be worse
2/20/09 8:22:21AM
I think Robert Rodriguez would do a great job the guy has made some pretty bad ass movies I would go see it ( I will also say the cast was one of a kind)
2/20/09 9:28:36AM
I think remakes can be good,but with Predator their is no need.

If anything,they need to make a flim that delves deeper into the Predators home world and really expand them out more.
Some of the comic books have done a great job of doing this and I was really hoping Hollywood would follow.
Remakes should only be considered when the source material has been thoroughly exhausted and a new approach is about the only option you have left.
With Predator their's some much untapped potential for several more films before the word Remake should even be mentioned.
2/20/09 11:18:44AM
Is the writers strike still going? sounds like it.
2/20/09 2:50:02PM
I think this will be awesome! look at texas chainsaw massacre and halloween (rob zombie remake) both really really good remakes. as long as he doesnt add a whole lot to the movie i think it will be worth watching.
2/20/09 8:33:54PM

Posted by tdietel01

I think this will be awesome! look at texas chainsaw massacre and halloween (rob zombie remake) both really really good remakes. as long as he doesnt add a whole lot to the movie i think it will be worth watching.

I agree with what your saying,but the thing is Halloween and TCM already had a whole slew of films under their belt before they were remade.
The continuity and story had been beaten to death and a remake was a fresh start.

We've only seen the Predator in 4 movies.And in 2 of them the screen time was shared with "Aliens".
Before they remake Predator,I think they should spend more time on exploring were the preador can go as of now before they go remaking it.
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