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POLL: Hopkins vs Pavlik
Pavlik Decision 29% (4)
Pavlik KO/TKO 36% (5)
Hopkins Decison 36% (5)
Hopkins KO 0% (0)
10/14/08 8:18:21PM

I see Pavlik taking a decision, but Hop making it ugly. I know Hops has good defense, but I can see Pavlik getting a TKO win too.

Who does everyone have winning this match up?
10/14/08 9:04:57PM
I can see Kelly scoring a tko victory. I really dont enjoy watching Hopkins fight and hope Kelly retires him.
10/14/08 11:17:52PM
I'm a huge B-Hop fan, but he's up there in years and Pavlik is a much younger super talented guy. Hopkins will def. make it a close fight but Kelly should pick up a decision and just keep adding to his own fast building legend.

I'm personally looking forward to Pavlik/Abraham more than this one, Arthur Abraham is a stud, and tough as granite. He'll need to be IMO, as Kelly Definitely edges him out in punching power and is just as good or better technically.
10/15/08 12:11:11AM
I watched the hype on HBO the other night. They did an excellent job.

Hopkins will make it a fight and might even win the first 3 rounds IMO. After that Pavlik takes over and crushes him. I'd look for an 8th or 9th rd TKO.

Back in the day I'd probably take Hopkins against Pavlik (if they were the same age) but Hopkins is 43, man!
10/15/08 1:20:08AM
Pavlik will take a decision after looking unimpressive throughout (only due to Hopkin's style of fighting)
10/15/08 9:03:49AM
Pavlik is the future of American non-Heavyweight boxing. I agree with him winning, just not sure how but I'm leaning towards a later-rounds TKO as he should be able to wear Hopkins down with his workman rate of punching as long as Hopkins doesn't hit him too hard too much.
10/15/08 11:21:28AM
B-Hop is sneaky sneaky... I wouldn't be surprised if he took a split... But lately he seems to be turning it on a little too late and letting the early rounds go... And I think he might underestimate Pavlik a little... And underestimating the Ghost a little, is underestimating him wayyy too much
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