UFC PPV Buyrates Increasing, Up 60% YOY

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9/14/09 12:49:41PM
The following data represent estimates of the UFC buyrate figures over the first six months of both 2008 and 2009:

Payout Perspective:

The UFC is up an estimated 62% on year-over-year PPV revenue from 2008 to 2009. It also out-performed each of its monthly totals from 2008 to 2009.

Perhaps even more telling, however, is the year-to-date PPV figure of 5.7 million – it’s just 500,000 short of last year’s record-breaking 6.2 million buys.

All this is quite impressive for a sports organization operating in what most have predicted to be the deepest part of the current recession; a recession so bad that even the economy-proof sports market has declined as ticket sales have slumped, television advertising revenue has decreased across the board, and salary caps throughout the major leagues look at the possibility of actually taking a step backward.

What has led the UFC to this point? Some combination of the following factors:

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9/14/09 1:13:13PM
I have purchased every PPV this year, I'm a statistic!

9/14/09 1:51:34PM
Awesome. For all those who flame Dana White again and again, look at what he has done for the industry. Him and UFC have guarenteed the rise of MMA to a major sport. If it wasn't for them, the events would still be considered circus/ WWE shows that only happen in Japan to the mainstream public in America
9/14/09 2:03:30PM
I have bought most up until march of this year and have not since. The Economy caused my drop in buys.
9/14/09 2:49:59PM
I been buying them for years but the 2 PPVs a month kind of puts a dent in my pocket so if they keep it up I hope some of the people that come over start pitching in other than that UFC 99 didn't do to well
9/14/09 10:52:50PM
good it is up 60 percent and yet the fighters get no raises in pay!!!!!!!!!
9/14/09 10:58:45PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

good it is up 60 percent and yet the fighters get no raises in pay!!!!!!!!!

Actually that's not entirely accurate. Bonuses have gone up a significant amount in that same time period. However, I am a little displeased in the banning of sponsors/collecting a fee from sponsors, which I have no doubt has effected fighter's overall pay
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