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10/13/08 9:02:39PM
I was wondering if anyone knew some good powerlifting workouts .
Bodybuilders workout mainly with machines,free weights,etc. While im not sure what powerlifters do, yes they do lift like some bodybuilders but most or all of the people you see on them "strongman" competitions don't look like them at all.
Anyone know anything they do to get strength and explosiveness like that?
10/14/08 8:28:21AM
Drag a car up a hill! LOL

Power lifters kinda just lift heavy stuff for fun from what I know...so pick something difficult to move and do something unorthodox (but safe!)
10/15/08 8:38:49PM
I am not sure what YOU mean by powerlifters, but an article I read about powerlifters said they only do 3 lifts. Bench, squat, and deadlift. If I remember right anyway. The power lifters themselves were talking about how worthless they are for most other lifts. I know they said they cant do a pull up to save their lives. If those are the guys you mean, as far as MMA goes, you might want to look elsewhere for training advice. Depending on who you ask, if you want just straight strength over all, isometrics are supposed to build you up like crazy. I havent done them so I cant say, but I have read good things.
10/15/08 10:12:19PM
In short, if you want explosiveness, you want to be doing explosive movements with weight that is about 60-70% of your max lift.

For example, if 100lbs is the most weight with which you can jump squat, then to build explosiveness you should be using 60-70 lbs when you do your jump squats.

There is an actual scientific study done on this. I just can't find it right now. I thought I posted it, but maybe I just read it.
11/10/08 4:05:44PM
First, I have to say that you should have a person who knows what they are doing next to you before you do these exercise.

I recommend doing all sorts of powerlifting exercises: cleans, power cleans, snatches, dead lifts, push press, jerks, split jerks.

I am also a huge huge fan of plyometrics-- AKA lots of jumping.

These are all awesome for explosive power.
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