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2/24/09 7:59:12PM

Pretty good Read with a bunch of good videos. Check out the Anderson highlight.

Who do you guys have?

I'm saying Dos Santos, Rampage and Penn for his size. Maybe Brock too.

2/24/09 8:51:53PM
2/28/09 3:10:18AM
That was cool man, thanks.
I noticed the best knockouts were in PRIDE. I also noticed that "stomping the head on a grounded opponent" helps alot, this is why Mauricio Rua most likely will not have success in the UFC.
3/1/09 5:41:53PM
I like the list, I wish it had gone to ten. I would have also like to see Luiz Cain on the list or at least mentioned. He puts guys to sleep, 9 wins in his career and 9 TKOs
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