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2/1/08 10:18:21AM
For those who practice BJJ and sometimes have trouble with finishing an armbar... Id advise the arm crimp technique.

This setup is used when the person who you are trying to armbar is either holding onto their gi, or has a tight grip on their bicep to counteract the armbar.

If you are unable to break the grip for some reason, dont abandon the submission attempt.

From the same postion as the standard armbar, simply take the foot that is over the person's face and place it accross the persons arm that is being targeted. So the setup will be you with a deep grip (almost to the pit of your elbow) trying to pry the arm free... When the leg is put accross his arm in question it will cause stress on the forearm and elbow.... To finish the crimp, slimply move the other foot that was tightly accross the guys chest over your own leg, almost looking like your doing a triangle on his arm The key is keeping your prying arm deep as possible... By now the pressure should be tight enough to crimp the bicep enough for him to tap

I use this move constantly, because you can almost bate the person into a regular armbar and let them get a tight grip for defense and slap that on them and get the submission...

I tried looking for a picture to better illustrate, but couldnt find one... Hopefull yall get the picture. Let me know if you dont.

2/2/08 1:21:06PM
good explanation
2/2/08 1:21:55PM
there's a prop for the hard work
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