Pound for Pound: Renato “Babalu” Sobral

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8/31/07 5:39:58PM
It’s time to back off Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Let’s call off the dogs and send the firing squad home before we get carried away with fines and punishments.

8/31/07 5:41:17PM
imo what he did was 100% wrong, i think the fine should be more
8/31/07 7:58:05PM
BJ Penn is my favorite fighter, but they can't do this to Babalu without doing it to BJ. This is bullshit.
8/31/07 10:00:58PM
At the time he thought he was teaching Heath some respect but he acted on instinct and emotion now that the fights over everything between him and Heath is settled. He realizes he's wrong.

I think he needed this win and now he'll go on another win streak and eventually make it back to the UFC.
8/31/07 10:58:07PM
this is ******* ridiculous, how come the people that do steriods arent being kicked off too, they are violating the rules unpurpose, same thing that babalu did, he violated the rules...
9/1/07 2:34:49AM
Sobral is a bad ass. I've seen guys get choked out way worse than that at BJJ tournaments. I'm not saying it was the right thing to do, but come on. As fans we encourage them to kick each others butts, and then get mad when they do? Insanity.
9/2/07 4:40:28PM
It's a non-issue. If he would have kept it on for a while after Heath passed out then it would have been an issue.
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