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4/3/09 7:24:44AM

Dammit, 5/23 can't come fast enough! I can't wait for Hughes-Serra!
4/3/09 7:59:29AM
I'm happy to see Hughes fighting again, but I'm also looking forward to Machida becoming the champ finally.
4/3/09 8:16:03AM
i think i am looking more forward to the hughes match than the evans
4/3/09 9:53:57AM
I can't wait for it....cause that'll be a great Birthday present to see a great fight card

Anyone want to give me a birthday wish?
4/3/09 11:59:26AM
looks good, i like it!

but still not as good as 96..that poster was awesome.

War Machida and Hughes
4/3/09 12:19:51PM
Evans is a 2.5-1 Underdog on some betting sites.

And he's the champion... how sick is that?

I'm going for Machida anyways... and Serra for some reason lol
4/3/09 2:50:01PM
Machida and Serra ftw!!!
4/3/09 3:16:53PM
I hope Machida destroys Evans.
4/3/09 7:11:26PM
Another good poster. Machida looks like a freight train. I cant wait. Tis fight cant come soon enough.
4/3/09 9:32:54PM
UFC 98 is going to kick ass...
4/3/09 9:54:05PM
Poster looks good, I'm so pumped for this event, I'm on of the few who still care about Serra-hughes, and who have waited 19 PPVS, 7 Fight nights, and 4 seasons of TUF(counting 6 & 9) to see it, I don't care how good or bad the fight is, I just want Hughes to win.
4/3/09 10:43:12PM
Ok, if Serra wins that fight I'm going to be pissed. I can't stand Serra on how he talks to Matt Hughes too. I think Hughes will handle him just how GSP handled Serra in the 2nd fight.

I also think that Machida is going to win and I think he is top 5 P4P fighter in the world. I wouldn't mind if Evans wins as I think he is the most underrated fighter in the UFC. You can never doubt Rashad in any fights
4/4/09 1:11:16AM
Machida's knock out of Thiago wasn't really surprising to me as Thiago has a careless sense to him and just goes and attacks which is the worst possible thing to do against Machida. I dont see Rashad making this mistake....at first. Rashad is a slow starter and has always been so I think Machida can steal the first and second round making Rashad feel he needs to rush things. I think this will lead to Rashad getting picked apart with switch kicks and Machida's quick strikes eventually giving him a Unanimous Decision.

A fight that certainly could go either way but it should be interesting and something I really can't wait for.
4/4/09 4:56:24PM
Machida by UD, and Serra by KO in the first round.
4/4/09 7:16:43PM
You all know my side on machida....WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Hughes/Serra. I think Hughes will win via UD, or could get lucky and GnP him to a finish.
4/4/09 8:13:19PM
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