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7/6/08 2:13:28PM
Just curious what everyone's thought was on the whole about the card last night.

Here's a few things that I took away from the event-

First and foremost- Xtreme Couture is not a camp to be triffled with! They've got a few guys on the team who can smash with the best of them; but I think their fighters are coming in with the best game plans in the business right now. Not only do they seam to be training to the best strategy, but their guys stick to the plan like robots. Props for sure

I've always liked Forrest, but I wasn't picking him here- even after the Shogun victory. You know the UFC brass creamed their pants when he pulled off the victory too. I didn't watch the event live, so I knew the result before seeing the fight. But it was clear to me that Forrest won.

I had him in R1, Rampage didn't really make anything other than the one big shot count. I think 10-8 R2 was legit. Props to Rampage for going the distance (and on one leg no less)! Between this fight and the Hendo decision, it's pretty clear that Rampage can swim in those deep waters.

The UFC loves Forrest for his TUF roots, but how can you dislike a guy like him?! If you haven't yet, check out the post fight press conference. This guy is as down to earth as you can get. I think he makes a great champ.

Great to see Guillard sneak out of a submission for once. I switched my pick to him with just a few hours to go before lock-out. But, there again- check out the post fight video. If he has his head on as straight as he claims to, then watch out 155 lb'ers.

And finally- what do you think are the chances that Yves had money on Lytle? (Just kidding). But seriously, how was he not atleast looked over by a Dr. either between rounds or after the stand-up in the third. Isn't it Levine's job to protect these guys? You KNOW that Lytle isn't going to say anything, and his corner wouldn't dare throw in a towel. I don't want to get sensational about this, but from what I saw it seemed almost negligant on Yves' part not to get that cut examined.

Lytle can't catch a break- He gets an early stoppage from the Alves cut, and no stoppage at all after he Kos turns his face into hamburger. Middle ground guys, thats a good place to be.

I will say this though: Without that cut we would have never gotten a good ol' "goats vagina" reference from Rogan.

I'd give the card about a 6/10 over all. but I think these outcomes really make for some interesting possible match-up down the road. And it will sure be fun to see Forrest try to hold onto that belt.
7/6/08 2:30:22PM
Overall I would give the card a 5/10. I was bored as hell during the griffin vs aurellio fight, and the cote vs almeida fight, I thought that would be 2 great fights, but the main event made up for everything, it was by far one of the best fights ever, and im glad to see forrest with the belt, hes come such a long way since tuf, and he deserves to be a champion.
7/6/08 6:07:54PM
Probly a 5/10 for me also. There were a few boring fights. The main event was a pretty good back and forth battle.
7/6/08 9:26:58PM
i give it 8/10, the main event saved it, while i disagree with the decision the fight was epic. griffin vs. aurellio was a very good fight, stevenson vs. tibau was a good fight too. almeida vs. cote sucked. koscheck vs. lytle was a decent fight too. take away the main event the card wasn't too great but rampage vs. forrest bailed the card out.
7/6/08 9:33:35PM
overall impression for me, was great night had some boring fights,

night started off cool
i was in a starbucks line saw a guy next to me with a cool looking backpack i asked him when he turned around it was kenny florian
knowing how dumb i was i ran out of the hotel room without my camera and pen, so i just wished him good luck on his fight with huerta
good guy he was

i thought the prelims were more entertaining, the melvin fight finally after three live events i see a knock out!!!!!

main card sucked, the cote fight was just horrible as welll as kos fight, tyson's was entertaining, i was glad too see daddy win, i got nervous for a moment
title match when back and forth, forrest showed alot of heart i think the match was way closer than it was, and i do think ufc was playing favorites,
but he will be a one time champ give him his moment, he won't be able to defend that belt not even once like victor belfort did
7/6/08 9:41:54PM
7/10 for me.



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