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2/17/08 12:04:25AM
I cant watch this in Australia so i was wondering if there was anyway that someone could post this fight. It would be much appreciated.

2/17/08 12:16:05AM
Bloke, I'm in OZ as well, i looked everywhere on the net for this fight live, and no luck.

The only way is to wait for youtube or wait a while longer and download it on utorrents,, that type of thing.

I'll wait for youtube!!!

Would waste my download on downloading two cans fighting each other.

2/17/08 12:57:35AM
Here ya go... kinda choppy, but it gets the job done.
2/17/08 2:09:46AM

Posted by slick781

Here ya go... kinda choppy, but it gets the job done.

Thanx mate, have some props.
2/17/08 7:00:13AM
It's been removed from dailymotion, I found a youtube link. Could someone add this to our videos section so playground members have a permanant copy?
2/17/08 8:47:32AM
Check Showtime's website,, as well, I read that after the fight was over they'd have it up with what they called a "ref camera view".

Ref Camera Video
WARNING: Extremely poor (not surprsingly) video quality.
2/17/08 11:37:39AM
2/17/08 2:00:30PM
I posted it in hte video section and it got removed. As of now someone posted it back up again. I think most of the Elite XC videos are up. The James Thompson on e is up but it is a few pages bakc becasue i posted all the K-1 dynamtite, UFC 81, and WEC 32 after it.
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