UFC 96 post-fight press conference (Video)

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3/8/09 10:43:24AM
UFC President Dana White is joined by Shane Carwin, Matt Hamill and Quinton Jackson at the UFC 96 post-fight press conference for some Q&A about Saturday night’s fights. It’s interesting to hear White’s reaction to the controversial stoppages in the Nelson vs. Riley fight as well as in Brown vs. Sell.

3/8/09 7:44:14PM
Nice interviews, Rampage as funny as ever. "I got a bunch of Asian honeys waiting for me" LOL.
I loved how everyone else is laughing and Carwin is nothing but business. After his first fight I said this guy was for real. I don't think they would do it but I would love to see Carwin vs. Velasquez. I think Carwin will be champion pretty soon if he does not have to fight Big Nog or Mir.

Maynard very humble, can't wait to see him fight next.
3/8/09 8:51:31PM
Any news on Rampage's friend getting his cell phone back? lol
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