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8/10/08 12:24:27PM
So I'd like to say that this UFC was Great, I loved it. All of the Fights played their parts for the Event. Maia vs Macdonald was a War, Lesnar vs Herring was a Nice Showcase of Brock's Skills, Florian vs Huerta was a Great Battle, and GSP was just Amazing, Jon itch took an Absolute Beating. I'd give it a 9/10

Here's where I see the Fighters going from their UFC 87 Performances

GSP- It's out now that he's Fighting B.J but I'd like to see him Fight Alves

Brock Lesnar- I'd like to seee him be built up and Fight a couple of Cans

Kenny Florian- B.J Penn, he earned it

Cheick Kongo- He needs more High Profile Fights to be recognized as a Contender at Big Nog, but he'd get eaten up by most Fighters. They'll give Kongo to Velasquez

Tamdan McCrory- He needs more developement, he's got the raw Skill, give him some New Guys

Demian Maia- An Up and Comer with Fights the Winner of Chris Leban vs Mike Bisping for # 1Contender

Rob Emmerson- 2 Big Wins in the Octagon, he should Fight the Winner of Neer vs Diaz

Ben Saunders- I'm glad that Ben Won, he has a Good Toolbox, I want to see him take on Burkman who'd definately Test him. Or mabey J-Rock like before

Jon Jones- He's Great ! And really Big for a 205er, I wanna see him take on a Guy like Wilson Gouviea

Thanks ! And give me your thoughts
8/10/08 12:50:32PM
I pretty much agree with all of it.

It's sad to know that while Kenflo put on a beautiful technical display he'd get absolutely murdered by BJ out there. Huerta got exposed for being an emotional brawler in that fight. I couldn't be happier with the potential stop of the Huerta nut hugging train. The guy is good and he has heart for days, but I didn't like seeing people giving him so much credit in the technical department. His escapes are DAMN impressive, though.

Delagrotte's standup training is ******* beautiful. Kenflo's footwork and angles were spot on. I just wish he would have opened up more, but I know he didn't want to get into a brawl with Huerta.
8/10/08 1:13:02PM
Maia v MacDonald

was a great fight. Maia was amazing and macDonald did well to last as long as he did, that triangle looked tight. After watching this fight i thought this would be FOTN.

KenFlo v Huerta.

Not much to say really, fight didnt live up to hype, Ken flo won comfortably. He fought very Machida style, very in and out and making himself hard to hit. Huerta is still a great fighter but Kenflo was at another level. Huerta needs to learn the power of a game plan and not fight every one the same way.

Manny v Emerson

What a shocker. Wkd punching by Emerson. I didnt think ermerson had a chance. I thought it would be a one sided beat down.

Brock v herring

I was well impressed with Brock. His GNP was awsome. Someone said on another thread that it was very Sherk esque. I thought he was much more devestating then Sherk and if it wasnt for Herring's experience and Heart he would have stopped him.

I think his next fight should be Kongo. I think it would give Brock his first stoppage win.

Kongo v Evensen

What was Evensen doing in the UFC, he was awful. As for Kongo, they should feed him to Brock to bring him back down to earth. Who asks for a title shot after a 1 fight winning streak. What an idiot.

Fitch v GSP

This was an amazing fight. GSP was amazing as was Fitch for lasting five rds. I predicted GSP UD becasue if how tough Fitch is. You have to love GSP.

Cant wait to see GSP v Penn for WW title. I want a 5 rd fight for these two.
8/10/08 1:17:36PM
This event was great, everything went my way.

I agree that the BJ/ GSP fight is bull. Thiago Alves and Kenny Florian deserve their shots and if BJ wants to fight at that weight, he should fight every three months like Anderson Silva.

Also, I am now 2-0 in Brock Lesnar fights. I knew he would get Herring down but I sure didnt know he would do it with a cross! One hit shut Herrings eye. Brock isnt close to a technical striker but his raw power is goign to give a lot of people trouble in the future. I say have him fight Gonzaga next or Carwin as they both are monsters

IMO, GSP proved his stand up is legit when he fought Fitch. Fitch caught him for awhile but GSP always remained calm and picked his shots. At one point, I think he landed a jab, a cross, and then a leg kick all on the same spot of Fitch's chin. That was prob the biggest answer we got from this event.

What was learned-
GSP has a legit standup game
Lesnar can become a contender in the HW division and he didn't gas like a lot of people thought he would.
Maia is going to also be a contender in the MW division (most of us already saw this coming )
Fitch can take a beating as well as he can give one
8/10/08 6:30:22PM
I agree with most assessments except for one. Kongo. HE CRACKED ME UP!!!!! Asking for a title fight with a 1 win streak. That wasn't even the best part. "It doesn't matter, I waste my time" Joe Rogan-"Cheick, take us through the knock out..........or not."
8/10/08 7:34:36PM
All in all i was disappointed, i mean there were entertaining fights but i wanted more finishes
8/10/08 8:50:04PM
i would like to ask herring if he still thinks hes fought stronger and better wrestlers than brock
8/10/08 10:45:00PM
right again Ninja-
8/10/08 10:48:38PM
How did you see Jon Jones fight? I know he won, and I was anxious to see him fight,
8/10/08 10:54:54PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

How did you see Jon Jones fight? I know he won, and I was anxious to see him fight,

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