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4/8/09 10:15:25AM
I was wondering if any of you know any mma type exercises you can do in a pool. You know punches under water,etc. Anything else
4/8/09 2:12:44PM
B.J. penn and wandy silva do the same basic exercise underwater. wandy takes 45lb. weights and goes under and runs the length of the pool with it. holding his breath as long he can. B.J does the same thing in the ocean with big rocks. really pushes your cardio.
5/3/09 8:56:02PM
Water Aerobics are for old people.

Pools are great for Cardio. I swam for 10 years competitively. and i can tell you Sprints in the pool can be way harder than running.
It is nothing to get your heart rate up to 120 swimming.
Get a good 160 going not hard either.
In my prime i was getting it up to 190 for mad ass sprints.
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