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11/18/12 2:54:19PM
Yesterday my base had the priveledge of 5 ufc fighters come down and work out/watch the fights with us. The fighters were Ulysses Gomez, Reuben Duran, Francisco Rivera, Jeremy Stephens, and Ian Mccall.

Duran has a fight with Hugo Viana coming up so they made him run through the Shark Tank. He outboxed Mccall on the outside, Got pressured and blasted by Rivera, absolutely destroyed my Stephens and Gomez was just too fast to deal with as Reuben was exhausted by this point. He did 1 5 minute round with each fighter, with a 1 minute break in between. I got to time the rounds since i was the quickest to start my timer. Observations of note - Riveras hand speed with gloves on is incredible. Gomez is a solid prospect with technical boxing. Stephens talks shit while he fights. I off handedly said "Stephens don't play" as he was sparring, Mccall came up to me and said "He only plays girls and kickball". This is when we became Friends.

Afterwards they showed us some combos and went around to each of us and helped refine our technique. Stephens showed me how to dig my shin in by destroying my leg with inside leg kicks. Mccall asked me where i learned to box and i told him watching Rampage. This spurred a conversation where he informed me that they used to train together, and that Rampage is both a nuisance to train with and the person who taught him how to throw a left hook. I asked him who the hit him the hardest in his career, he said "probably charlie valencia or this samoan kid in middle school." Afterwards we rolled and i got to roll with Rivera and a bunch of AF guys who didnt know anything. Rivera is a monster. I hit one sweep on him because he was playing with me, but otherwise he embarrased me. It was awesome.

Later on at the bar i watched the fights. And because of my keen sense of intuition, i watch the fights in the room that all the fighters sit down in. The Hominick fight starts and Arianny walks around. I state my love for her. Jeremy stephens states his love for Brittney Palmer. This results in us yelling between rounds when our chosen woman holds the card. This is when we become friends. I sit next to the fighters. I tell a few racist puerto rican jokes. They all enjoythem except Duran. Rivera says Duran doesnt understand jokes because hes a pretty boy. Stephens says he doesnt understand because Duran lost to Mizugaki. I say that i thought he beat mizugaki and he agrees with me. The Dos Anjos fight starts and Stephens says that Rafael was the strongest fighter he ever fought, and that he looks even bigger now. Everywhere. Juice is insinuated. I ask if he remembers uppercutting him in the face. He smiles at that remark and i feel like king.

The fights continue and about halfway through the Lawlor fight this pretty asian halfbreed in my training class sits next to me. My assumption that the alpha male dominance around me would stifle my efforts here could not have been more wrong. The fighters almost without pause adress the girl and start talking about how great and awesome i am. I become the toughest strongest funniest smartest airman on base within 5 minutes. Duran sends one of the two beautiful mexican woman courting him over to me and she sits on my lap and slips a paper (thats blank) into my pocket and says call me before she gets up and leaves. So as im living in the best moment of my life i notice the effects. The girl in my class is now half staring at me and i earned none of this myself. The UFC conspired to get me booty. And i miss it. I miss Hendricks KO kampmann. This made me sad.

The main event is about to start and me and Mccall talk about Condit. Mccall mentions that Condit said he wouldnt target the knee and that fihters who would are kind of a dick. We talk briefly about Jon Jones. No one says good things.

The fight ends and i shake hands and leave with my classmate. Off to get booty on a bench at a running track. Best night ever.
11/18/12 2:57:55PM
pics or GTFO

jk. very awesome!
11/18/12 2:59:41PM
Very very cool night.

Mine I was pissed that right after the gsp fight
Everyone left. Left my apt a huge mess for me
Plates and cups everywhere. Me and my friend
Where gonna start scoring each round. Started okay but when others showed up we just couldnt keep up. Too much socializing.
11/18/12 4:14:15PM

Posted by Pookie

The UFC conspired to get me booty Best night ever.

Dude, I take my hat off to you, not that you did much beyond be a good guy and hang out with some fighters - but that sounds to me like the best night ever. Only I'd be going home with my wife

11/18/12 9:37:06PM
That's awesome, man!! I'm insanely jealous!!
11/18/12 10:30:00PM
Sounds awesome. Jealous meter at 10.
11/19/12 11:21:17AM
Stephens and McCall sound like a wild time. Stephens' comment about Duran losing to Mizugaki cracked me up.
11/19/12 10:12:46PM
I hate and envy you at the same time
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