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1/18/07 7:55:55AM
do we have any poker fans? Any online players, serious players? If so what sites do you frequent, how do you get on, and what is your username?

It would be funny to play some games against each other i'd be up for heads up or we could start a private tourny and settle who is the best once and for all.

me - pokerstars natelife
partpoker nate22uk
1/19/07 3:59:36PM
I play a little on the 360 and occasionally with friends
1/21/07 3:10:45PM
I play mostly live at casino in vancouver
at the river rock
online at pokerstars UNKOMAN
and Party Poker UNKOMAN

1/21/07 4:56:03PM
I only play real life poker or Playstation. Those internet poker games drive me up the wall. Most guys on there don't play for real and it ends up being a waste of time for me, because it's not real practice.
1/22/07 9:00:51PM
I play local tournaments at Indian casinos. I would play online, but I have a MAC and can't find a place that MACS work on.
1/27/07 4:07:08AM
I only play live games and casino tournaments now. I used to play online but I think most of those guys are teenagers playing on there dad's credit cards who think they are the best in the world and talk trash the whole time.
12/6/07 4:39:08PM
Ali Sonoma...
id Poker,

oh wait, the card game?
12/6/07 6:52:09PM
i play at pokerstars i go by the name evilpimp look me up somtime
12/6/07 7:14:48PM
Hey hippysmacker, I have a Mac to and I play on or

Its a great site and completley compatible with Macs if you want to give it a try
12/6/07 10:43:38PM
huge poker fan

pokerstars: Mathias420
12/7/07 7:28:09AM
I mostly play on and
Full Tilt-DavidC3
(I normally play Absolute only on weekdays, on weekends they limit tourneys to 800 players)
Once in a rare while I'll play on or Card Player Poker.
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