Will the points update if they declare Gomi/Diaz a No Contest?

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3/6/07 11:14:07PM
If the NSAC declares the Gomi/Diaz fight a No Contest, will this website update the point standings?
In other words, will everyone that picked Diaz lose their points?
3/6/07 11:33:04PM
i don't htink they will rule it a no contest. but if they do i want my cash back and other ppl's points gone.
3/7/07 1:50:16AM
I dont want to give back the $ I won off Diaz
3/7/07 7:06:24AM
bitter and twisted! lol

Seeing as it made no impact or difference to the fight at all there is no reason why they should make it a no contest

"making it a no contest for some marijuana ... MARIJUANA!!!"
3/7/07 11:02:49AM
it's just weed have you ever sucked a dick for weed befor.
3/7/07 11:38:13AM
Yeah but that was just an unexpected bonus

And the funds I won by wagering on Diaz I have now lost after ufc 68 so there ain't no way I can repay 'em!
3/7/07 11:42:59AM
not if they just wait till you get your payout after the fightnight and ufc 69
3/7/07 12:46:54PM
its not a no contest nor will it ever be.
3/7/07 4:41:03PM
I lost mymone on that bet too, but I do not think it should be a no contest fight , He got tested positive for Marishka so.. What kinda kick does that give to your fight ?? It slows You down hyhy...
3/7/07 6:30:43PM
It'll improve my sad record haha.
3/9/07 2:12:35AM
It would improve my record by a fight also but I don't think it should be a NC (IMO)!
3/9/07 6:49:42PM
we all know how big of advantage diaz beating a pothead is
3/10/07 6:37:22AM
Nicks the man! Hes no afraid of anyone. Now i know why!...............Hes feicing Hi al the time!
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