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1/24/08 8:51:28PM
You're actually mistaken Cornish. If a fighter gets choked out cold a-la McFedries vs. Kampmann or has his bone busted a-la Manny G. vs. Nate Mohr, its called a techinical submission, and is still considered a submission, not a TKO.

As for the argument of striking submissions, if this game was running around the first few UFCs, we'd have to have a rule on it as people used to tap from strikes all the time. Nowadays with the fighters being that much more hungry and getting used to getting hit in training, there is usually only two or three striking submissions a year in the top levels. If we switched it to a TKO, that opens a can of worms like with Silva vs. Lutter, where he was in a triangle getting elbowed. Did he tap from the Triangle, or from the elbows? The way we have it, it doesn't matter because he tapped, plain and simple.
3/13/08 11:46:37AM
sorry only just seen this post and funnisly enough we just had an example of this with Bielkheden tapping to Diego's strikes

svartorm sorry i wasnt very clear i did actually know that it is given as technical submission on sherdog for instance, but ive also seen it as ko/tko (submission) and was using that example

All im saying about is why you pick a certain method, thats all that matter

If you thought Kampman would sub him then good you should get points for picking submission cos he got him in a submission hold, whether he taps or not should always be irrelevent, becuase you should NOT get the points for picking submission when Kenny is beating on Alvin and he taps, it shouldnt be SCORED as a submission cos people who picked submission did that thinking he would get him in a submission hold, NOT GnP him, and so people who picked KO/TKO shouldnt be robbed of points just cos the fighter tapped a second before the ref would stop it anyway, they would be more correct than them!
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