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5/5/08 10:30:17PM
could the playground set up somthing for picking future Dream or other grand prix tourny winners
5/5/08 10:31:09PM
Good Idea.
5/5/08 10:33:24PM
thanks, i was thinking if they could do that mabye they could set up a wager on tourny winners aswell.
5/6/08 7:06:29AM
That would be an awesome idea. Not sure how they could incorporate somthing like that but itd be cool if it was possible.

Thats said, both of my choices, JZ and Kang got eliminated in the first round of their tourneys so mabeys its not to good of an idea from my point of view lol.
5/6/08 10:12:15PM
hey any mods out there could you shine some light on this idea for us, and let me know whether or not somthing like this could happen
5/6/08 11:55:58PM
I have thought the same thing.....

Maybe some picks for TUF too
5/7/08 12:01:11AM
Picks for TUF winners would be awsome. I hope they add these ideas to the playground
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