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5/24/11 12:28:00PM
The padded room was nearly gone
Until Kung Fu Master came along
A tisket, a tasket Kung Fu reached in his basket
He pulled out a rhyme from a historical relic
“Here yee, members of the padded forum”
“I have a poem to keep you from boredom”
Gather around and be mesmerized,
You will be spellbind and hypnotized
Into a deep sleep called R. E. M.
On the count of three, let's begin
Oblivious to what I’m about to do
The pedophile appears but where’s Kung Fu?
The music starts and the shanking begins
The pedophile smiles and checks all ends
Kung Fu watches and recites his poem
The crowd seemed very much at home
The ritual was swift, fast and sacred
The pedophile disappeared but the crowd remained naked
As Kung Fu finishes the enchanting rhyme
The crowd wakes up and feels the slime
“What a wonderful poem you have there, Sir.”
“Please read us another, I too concur.”
“Pretty please, pretty please, read us some more.”
“We shall be quiet and stay on the floor.”
5/24/11 1:11:04PM
I think I may need a shower.
5/24/11 1:15:33PM

Posted by grappler0000

I think I may need a shower.

Agreed. I'm washing my eyes with bleach as soon as it starts boiling.
5/24/11 1:30:59PM

Posted by grappler0000

I think I may need a shower.

It was that vivid huh?
5/24/11 1:33:15PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by grappler0000

I think I may need a shower.

Agreed. I'm washing my eyes with bleach as soon as it starts boiling.

I have many more of these poems hehe...
5/25/11 12:51:37PM
When the dragon breathes and the owl swoops

When the dragon breathes and the owl swoops
The critters would tremble while doing loops
The forest is silent and the wind is calm
The critters would hide from dusk til dawn
Jungle fowls would curl and nestle in their coops
When the dragon breathes and the owl swoops

The lions and tigers are afraid to hunt
Instead they hide by the elephant's trunk
Cheetahs and leopards stare at the plains
While gazelles dance and enjoy the grains
A hunter is hunting but is afraid to shoot
He cringes instead as the owl may swoop

A hyena is hungry but eats a wreathe
Afraid the dragon may wake and breathe
The vultures soar but nothing is dying
The jungle waits while it is crying
It sings its songs and plays its flutes
When the dragon breathes and the owl swoops
6/21/12 2:51:35AM
A poem for me, a poem for you
Let us share a poem for two
Let me read you a poem of One
One who's strong and will become
A leader of men, a shepherd of herds
He has the power and the words
To lift you up from off your plane
To humble you when you are vain
He will guide you in your need
He will hear you when you plead
He has never left your side
He will help you if you abide
By the teachings that he proclaimed
Surrender yourself and be named
A child of God - Amen
6/21/12 5:00:10AM

Posted by KungFuMaster

The pedophile appears but where’s Kung Fu?

Trick question, Kung Fu is the pedophile

6/21/12 7:52:10AM

Posted by Adrenaline

Posted by KungFuMaster

The pedophile appears but where’s Kung Fu?

Trick question, Kung Fu is the pedophile

6/21/12 4:06:17PM
Hello, my fellow Playground posters
It's me again, come closer
I have another magical poem for you
It's quite disturbing but quite new
I wrote the poem just five minutes ago
While I was thinking to and fro
What could I possibly write that is new
So I thought long and hard on what to do
Then a light bulb flashed before me eyes
A poem about nothing will have you rise
Off your feet in utter frustration
For having read this penetration
You are wondering if there's a point
Should you keep reading or smoke a joint
Will you be smarter when this is over
Or will I take you one step further
To my realm of imaginary void
We won't stay long for you'll be destroyed
Don't be afraid, take a leap of faith
Keep reading and stare in space
There might be something hidden in this passage
A lesson, a moral, maybe some wisdom
And do I really need to make it rhyme
Maybe I should just to buy some time
Where was I, what were we talking about
Oh that's right. Ouch, my gout

A poem is something you should not dread
That's what you thought when you clicked on this thread
I guess I should read you a real poem
One filled with lessons, morals and wisdom
Ah - screw it, I'm tired from all this nonsense
Screw the rhyme, screw the poem, no offense
6/21/12 4:48:10PM
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6/21/12 4:54:46PM
6/21/12 5:05:00PM

Posted by Ordep


You would make a good sherdog poster.
6/21/12 5:28:44PM
Is this a real thread KFM ?

For your poems only, or are we sharing ?
6/21/12 6:29:32PM
We are sharing of course. I welcome all the avant garde artists to express themselves.
6/21/12 7:27:34PM
This thread is back from the dead after almost a year in the cellar
6/21/12 7:32:41PM
Red washing down the
bathtub won't change the color
of the sea, at all.

Do not kill yourself
because no one understands
your dark poetry.

Kung Fu Master, Will
You write more poems about
pedophiles please.

3x Haiku!
6/21/12 9:19:57PM
One of my favorites, as seen on Bum Fights Vol. 2

Title: Lover

Festering pussy hole I pump, pump, pump at you
be kind leave me no disease
I lust till my days are gone
fastering pussy hole

Black juice from your ass covers my mouth and face
penis, dick, cock, pussy, cum

I kick and punch and fuck bloody babys pussy
eat my dick you ungrateful whore

Killing pussy eater at night in the full moon
asshole fungus infected maggots, pussy, cock
I'll miss you.

Video of poem
6/21/12 9:33:44PM
Also, if you're trying to get laid.

Check this shit out.

6/21/12 9:33:49PM
Hello interwebbers, basement dwellers, etc.......

"Anderson think it through
There's still a couple of weeks before they lock the cage door behind me and you
Last time they raised your hand
But it was plain to see That I took a lot more out of you than you took out of me
I broke the mirror and I blew away the smoke
It was me who tapped
But it was you who broke"
6/25/12 4:07:06PM
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4/17/13 9:58:18PM
History Lesson

American Colonists fought enemies from across the Atlantic
In a Revolutionary War which saw the betrayal of sir Benedict
They then turned on each other and fought and bled
In a civil war which Abraham Lincoln led
The south was crippled but the slaves were now free
Waco Texas - 1993
We saw a massacre which shocked the country
Followed by a bombing in Oklahoma City
Another incident occurred in '99
We witnessed a shooting in Columbine
Virginia Tech '07 - truth be told
In the final hours of Seung Hui Cho
The Boston Marathon - two bombs go off
Some died, some wounded, some coughed
History has taught us April is cold
To me, to you, the young, the old.

4/17/13 10:07:01PM
Mary Mary quite contrary, trim that pussy it's so damn hairy

Dice Clay - Nursery Rhymes
4/17/13 11:12:05PM
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I want some head,
And have kneepads too!